1000 payment expamples old mavros for the week (11 - 17 Sep 2017)


Dear participants!

The mutual help Community MMM is working as stably as never. We both pay off the growth percent for the current Mavros and release the old ones.

We assure you that old Mavros are being released very actively now:

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New Clarification of Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Situation


Dear participants! Besides BTCC, a major Chinese bitcoin exchange, several smaller exchanges ViaBTC, Yunbi, Yobit, Dahonghuo, 51szzc, biduobao, bitkan announced simal closures by the end of the month. Chinese authorities ordered all Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges to cease trading  until the end of September 2017.

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Clarification of the Situation Regarding Bitcoin Exchanges


Dear participants! One of the leading bitcoin exchanges of China — BTCC — announced that it would stop accepting new account registration and completely stop trading cryptocurrencies from September 30, 2017. Another two small exchanges — Yunbi and Yobit — announced their closure by the end of the month. This decision was based on the rumours that Chinese government could declare trading at the exchanges illegal. There have been no official ban from the Chinese government so far and the other major Chinese exchanges — OKCoin and Huobi — haven’t taken any measures yet. Moreover, earlier the Chinese government announced a lot of times  that they didn’t intend  to declare digital money illegal and forbid trading cryptocurrencies between people. All the measures they took, as they said, were solely against  bitcoin exchanges.

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MMM News Digest — 11/09/2017


Dear participants! We wish you a wonderful mood!

We are sure MMM’s tremendous growth cannot but pleases you. Everybody is paid accrued percents, our members live out their dreams. We are really happy. :-))

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