MMM China Weekly News. December 31, 2016


Hello, dear MMM China leaders and participants

Today we are publishing MMM China official news. We will tell you about how the Community is progressing and answer your questions.

Official news texts are approved by Sergey Mavrodi personally. Be sure that here you will get only official news and truthful answers to your questions.

So, let’s start!

Best wishes for the upcoming New Year!



Dear participants, we wish you all the best in the coming New Year! For the first time in the history of MMM we enter a New Year so confidently — when everything is good and wonderful. When we are strong as never before!

Thank you very much, our dear participants! You are the key of our successful and stable work. We love you very much and wish you all the best -  kindness, happiness and love. Let your dreams and wishes come true in the New Year. We are sure that MMM will help you to realize all your desires. In 2017, we will continue stable and efficient work ;-))

We value and respect you, and want to thank you for being there. You are great! We are sorry if we hurt you ever. Again, our best wishes for the upcoming New Year — happiness, health and achievement of lifelong goals! We are proud of you!

The MMM mutual aid Community is strong as never before!



The System has still been working amazingly. Everyone is paid regularly and in full. The participants actively help each other, attract newbies and develop their own structures.

Leaders who has had their Guider’s Status сonfirmed are working ten times more diligently than before the confirmation. They, respectively,  create a powerful inflow of new active participants who develop our System. These participants provide help and, influenced by the leaders, they start to attract new members themselves and build their structures. Eventually MMM becomes even stronger. Now we are as strong as ever.

In fact, MMM is the most powerful and efficient Community in the world. We have more than 200 million of participants from 118 countries of the world. Is there anything similar to us? And everyone gets 30% a month — whereas stably. Interest rates are growing and absolutely everyone gets paid. Plus bonuses! Unbelievable :-))

Is there at least one more concept in the modern world which would unite 200 million of people from different nations and religions, different social status and welfare, both men and women? No. It is MMM only!

We are very proud of the job we have done together. Continue developing MMM and we will become even stronger. We will be growing from strength to strength until we build a new fair world in which everyone will live happily ever after. We are sure that already in the New Year 2017, we will approach our cherished goal much closer!

Old Mavro payments are going well too. (Maybe not so well as most people want, but we do our best! And process is moving forward! :-)) We keep paying — actively and regularly. Every week we have increasingly more Old Mavro released.  We will be doing that until each participant gets paid in full. As usual, we offer you 1,000 random payments on Old Mavro this week -


And of course today we again are publishing several Testimonials from the participants whom we helped in an emergency. We completely released their Old Mavro — with all accrued interest, in order they could solve vital problems connected with their health.

Regarding Waiting Period for Mavro Confirmation



Now we are receiving a lot of letters concerning an excessive (over several months) waiting period  for Mavro confirmation for PHs via banks.

We have repeatedly explained our position on this matter — everything is done for the sake of the system’s stability, safety and etc. That all this is for the good of the system. In fact, it is in your best interest. (It is better to wait for some time but know that they system operation is secure and stable, isn't it? :-)) In addition we posted a great number of thank-you letters of the participants who wrote that despite such long waiting time, all of them, eventually, had received their money with all accrued percentage and are very happy now. So, we did our best!  We did everything in our power.

But our efforts were useless. There are still a lot of dissatisfied participants. Some of them even say that they just want to get back all their money and never participate again.

So, we will grant you such an opportunity. (We mean you will be able to get your money back. As for your further participation in the system — it’s up to you :))

From now on, all the participants who have been waiting for their Mavro confirmation over a month have an option to return their initial payment along with 10% of this amount. This means that all your accrued percentage and bonuses will be cancelled, and the sum you will get back will consist of your a full amount of initial payment and extra 10% of help provided. You will be able to get this money instantly (apparently, within several days); you will not need to wait for anything.:-))

The procedure is as follows: you will receive an order for confirmation which you will pay and then get your initial payment with 10% added.

If you decide to do that, press the  “Initial Payment +10%" button in the PO.

We hope (very much!) that you will stop complaining  like "but we need to wait so long!", and we will not have to waste our time and energy on these never-ending explanations. Don't you want to wait? Get back your initial payment + 10%. It is also a big amount; none of bank can offer you a 10% growth (even per year! :-))

Now SMS notifications about PO changes are available for you!



We did what you have asked for so long! We have implemented the option of sms notifications about changes in the PO. It is useful to those who rarely visit their POs for any reasons. :-))

Sms notify about:

  • matching the other party (new order creating);
  • money transference (when the other party transferred money/bitcoins and specified it).

Now you do not need to always check your PO and refresh the page while awaiting matching the other party or money transfer. Go about your business, and when something changes — you will get an sms. It is very convenient :-))

This will help you remember that you should provide help or confirm the money receipt. The option is activated automatically — you should not enable or customize anything. Use it with pleasure ;-))

Important: to get sms notifications you must confirm your mobile phone number in the PO!

Next weekly news is expected not earlier that in 2 weeks.



During holidays all prefer to have a rest and fun, therefore people do not have time for news and questions :-)) In the nearest 2 weeks we do not plan to introduce anything new, the System will simply be working stably and efficiently.

We think that hardly will be receiving any questions due to new year holidays, therefore we suspend reporting weekly news approximately until mid January. We will let you take a break from reading these large texts — we will save your vision :-)) And we are going to rest from writing them personally as well. We will take a breath, gain strength and soon we will continue to work with renewed vigour. Do not miss us;-))

We emphasize: the System will be working in these two weeks during the holidays as usual, under normal operating conditions, 24/7, and so on. The only difference is that there will not be news published.

The second round of Guider’s Status Confirmation was finished, the applications for the last batch — received!



We completed our leaders’ training under the second round of the Guider’s Status Confirmation and already accepted the applications for the next batch. There are just few words to say about the results — all our leaders did great job :-))

That’s all we can say, as the second round of the Guider’s Status Confirmation has just ended. Therefore all the details will be covered in the next weekly news ;-))

Contact Assist Service with your questions



MMM is vigorously evolving and seeking to make the participation in the Community as comfortable as possible for everyone. To answer your questions we have launched the Assist Service work.

Service operators are willing to answer any of your questions regarding the participation in the MMM Community, therefore do not hesitate to address them. In our section you can contact our operators directly and communicate with them face-to-face through QQ service. You will get answers in real time. Quickly and conveniently ;-)) 

Also the Assist Service operators can hand over the questions, which will be answered in the weekly news, to Sergey Mavrodi and administration personally.

To send a question to the Assist Service — http://chinammm.la/assist_service/

Enroll in the MMM School and become expert guiders.



If you want to answer a call on Guider’s Status Confirmation, and actively help in the Community’s development, but you don’t have the guider’s status — it means you haven’t graduated the MMM School. Now it’s the best time to do training, therefore make haste to be enrolled in the School.

After graduating the School you will get all advantages and opportunities the same as leaders who is going to take Guider’s Status Confirmation now. Hurry, in order to succeed in the MMM Community as quickly as possible!

About advantages of the MMM School in brief:

  • You will start to get advanced leader bonuses +7%, +5%, +3%, 1%, 0,5%, 0,3%, 0,1%, 0,05%, 0,03%, 0,01% (all the lower levels also have a rate of 0,01%). Bonuses are multilevel and their number is unlimited.
  • You will find out more about the MMM Community, its ideology and principles of work.
  • You will meet expert leaders of MMM China and get the opportunity to learn their strategies.
  • You will learn various types of work in social networks and about methods to interact with other people.
  • You will learn how to resolve difficult situations which you may encounter on your path.
  • You will find out how to create your own Youtube channel and duly promote it.
  • You will learn to record your own effective videos.
  • You will understand how to create your own website.
  • You will learn to think strategically and make long-term plans.
  • You will learn to work in a team.
  • And the main thing: you will come to know how to become a real leader!

The MMM School is free of charge and available for everyone. Training takes place online and lasts for 11 days. Pass the training and become excellent guiders!

Enroll in the MMM School — http://chinammm.la/school

Keep your account secure!

Be careful, some scammers act professionally!



MMM pays 30% a month. This interest rate means that there is money in the system, which attracts different fraudsters and cheaters who try to profit from honest people

We try to create as much safety as possible for each participant. However, unfortunately, violators yet get access into the Personal Office of the Community members at times, and withdraw Mavro on their bank details.

In 99% it is the fault of the participants themselves who appeared to be gullible, and let their PC be infected with malware. Therefore we call on you to carefully protect your account.

Invent a complicated password and do not share it with ANYONE, even us! Use two factor authentication with help of Google Authenticator or sms-codes (mobile number confirmation is required), Do not allow the fraudsters to hack into your account and steal your money.

We regularly publish useful articles in our social networks groups which will help protect from fraudsters. And also especially for you we have elaborated detailed instructions on how to secure your account from hackers. Make sure to study them!

Google Authenticator — http://chinammm.la/faq/google_authenticator/

How to protect your account from hackershttp://chinammm.la/faq/hacking/

Send us your photos and videos!



MMM mutual aid Community has been actively evolving, and we are the most progressive in China. MMM China is a powerful Community which builds a new fair world. We are proud of all loyal members and ask them to send us their positive photos and videos.

Send us all videos and photos related to you and MMM.

  • Take photos with friends in front of the banner with the Community name on it.
  • Cash out MMM help from ATM and say thank you.
  • Arrange a meeting with other MMM members and take a group photo.
  • Make a selfie wearing a T-shirt with Community symbolics on it.

And so on. There are lots of ideas, while you are very imaginative, so go ahead! :-))

In order to deliver us photos or videos send them to:

  • Your leaders with a request to hand it over to the administration.
  • Online-consultants.
  • Support team.
  • Assist service.

Or else you can search for another way. We are ready to receive your photos and videos from anywhere.

Your videos and photos will be posted on our official sites of other countries in the “MMM abroad” section. People from other states will see our happy participants of MMM China.

We remind you about Bitcoin-operators service and a new section!



Our mutual aid Community is vigorously evolving. MMM participants are constantly increasing in number and use Bitcoin to provide and get help. However not all understand yet what Bitcoin is, how to operate it, and etc. Many people still think that it’s something complicated, unclear, and they will not be able to figure it out, and etc.

In this regard we are opening a new section focused specifically on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Within its scope we have launched Bitcoin-operators service who you may consult in real time and get answers to any questions, somehow associated with cryptocurrency. Have you, eventually, chosen to start working with Bitcoin? (You have overcome all your fears. :-)) Contact a Bitcoin-operator and he will show and tell you everything in real time. It’s very convenient. :-))

Additionally, in the new section you will be able to study all instructions, and watch webinars and master classes on Bitcoin in the near future.

Participants wanted to have such a service, and we are but always ready to please you :-)) So contact us, ask, show your interest — you will be explained and told everything in detail.

A new Bitcoin sectionhttp://chinammm.la/bitcoin

Should you have any ideas about what else could be added into the section — make sure to advise them to us and we will improve it with pleasure :-)

Bitcoin expands MMM and helps build a fair world



Bitcoin cryptocurrency and the MMM Community have similar ideology — together, we create a just financial system, in order that everyone live happily. It’s more profitable to provide help with bitcoins rather than traditional money.

Upon that PH and GH orders come faster. Additionally, you get a 3% bonus when providing help using Bitcoin. It is more secure to use cryptocurrency as any payment can easily be checked and tracked.

Be reminded that specially for our participants we made a video in which we are talking about the cryptocurrency. We highlighted main Bitcoin advantages and explained why it is profitable to use it in MMM.

Together with that Bitcoin does no harm to the system and its stability! Moreover, recently, we introduced a 15-day limitation on keeping confirmed Mavro if you provided help using Bitcoin (then Mavro growth stops, and a participant has to cash-in them.) As for providing help via banks, the period of keeping this Mavro remains 30 days, as before; the 15-day limitation is applied only to Bitcoin-Mavro.

Additionally, we prohibited to get help via Banks in case the help was provided using Bitcoin.

Thus we completely protected the stability of the system from all possible threats on the part of Bitcoin. In fact, we didn’t have any threats at all, but for security it’s better to play it safe, to be sure for 100%! :-))

The participants providing and getting help via the cryptocurrency only accelerate our development. Actually, it doesn’t play a role for the System which method of payment you use: bank or Bitcoin. Thus Bitcoin cannot influence its stability in any way. It’s a different matter that the participants themselves find it convenient. Therefore we support it.

The participants providing help via Bitcoin, indeed, can normally transfer Mavro to their wallet faster. As everything is more simply and dynamic with Bitcoin.

Don’t forget that absolutely any MMM China participant may create a PH order with Bitcoins. Let us repeat that all instructions regarding its use are on our site.

It is nothing complicated in creating a Bitcoin wallet, and providing help via the cryptocurrency is easy as well. Upon that you don’t need to wait for long lasting order issuance. Moreover our CRO staff can instantly and requiring no statements check whether the payment was made. In general, the chance to encounter frauds while using Bitcoin is considerably lower.

We remind once again about the new Bitcoin section of MMM — http://chinammm.la/bitcoin

Study and test it. In fact it is not difficult to do :-))

MMM vacancies. Working for the welfare of the mutual aid Community



1. Bitcoin-consultants are required

We are still looking for the new Bitcoin-consultants staff that would help the participants to solve their issues, answer the questions and give detailed recommendations concerning Bitcoin.

Requirements to candidates:

  1. Perfect knowledge in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency field. You should know how to get/provide help in MMM, add an account into the PO, create a Bitcoin wallet, exchange the cryptocurrency for traditional money, and so on.
  2. Excellent knowledge of English.
  3. Responsibility and interpersonal skills.

leave your applications following the link — http://chinammm.la/bitcoin-consultants.

2. Operators for the Call-Center are required

MMM is developing very quickly, so we continue the recruitment of staff for the MMM Call Center. We have already hired many active and skilled members who are very happy with the new job for the good of the Community. However, we need more people, so don't miss your chance to become our staff member.

If you want to work in our Call Center, fill in the form and submit it at — http://chinammm.la/call-center

We will evaluate your professional communication skills and ensure effective studying for their improvement!

Join us in working for the good of the mutual aid Community. Help develop MMM and build a fair world in which everyone will live happily ever after.

Now, let’s answer your questions:



1. I suggest: first release old Mavro for active participants and those who haven't received help for a long time. Solve the problem of a holiday bonus as quickly as possible. Participants who do not provide help after the restart, but only get  bonuses, must create a PH request during a month. Offer a reward for an efficient suggestion on the system development, it will encourage participants to think for the good of the system. You need to exclude lazy and inactive participants from the system.

We repeat once again: the pace of Old Mavro release is optimal at the moment. It allows us  to pay all bonuses for the current Mavro fully and  release the Old ones simultaneously.

When arranging orders, priority is given to those who are “in the red”. That is, those who had provided help more than received. Also active members have a priority, as you suggest. For the participants, often providing help and attracting newcomers, Old Mavro are released 2-3 times faster.

About enforcement of a PH request. We will not do this. Why? Because everything is voluntarily: if you want — provide help, if you don't want or can’t — do not provide. No obligations.

As for the fact that inactive members only get bonuses --  they get them not for nothing. Not for beautiful eyes, but for their work — they attract newcomers or build their structure. All this brings great benefits to the system. Truly inactive members that do nothing do not receive bonuses.

We will not exclude them. We know many cases when inactive participants began to work for the good of the system and became active. Why should they be excluded? They don’t do harm, they can become useful at any time :-))

And as for the reward for suggestions on the system development. We'll think about it. (You can do it without any rewards. Strain your brain for the good of your dear System. No? :-))

2. I have more than 500 people in my team, why none of them has ever got old Mavro release according to the principle of randomness? We are all loyal active members. We begin to lose faith and patience. Our team has always been with the system despite three restarts. We offer to cancel random Old Mavro release. Random release is impossible to track, you need to release Mavro for really loyal and worthy members. I hope that the members of our team will be able to release their old Mavro.

All members of the system who have Old Mavro — loyal and decent. This means that they provided help, attracted newcomers and thereby developed the system. They have every right to release their Old Mavro.

And you are sure that none of 500 received a penny of Old Mavro? Please check the information, because if a member is really active — his Mavro will be released faster. In the main priority are those who suffered the most. Who during participation in MMM has provided more help than received. Such participants are in  priority when releasing Old Mavro.

And your team, as the participants are active, is probably in “plus”. All received more help than they provided. Therefore, their Old Mavro are being released slower. This is fair.

But do not worry, in the end, we will release Old Mavro for all participants without exception, including members of your team. Be sure of this, we will not abandon you :-)).

3. I offer to release Mavro according to the time: first release Mavro for participants of the first restart, then of the  second restart and the third stage --  Mavro after the third restart.

Such order will only slow down the system development. We release ALL old Mavro from all restarts and in full volume to fully compensate all participants losses.

4. I offer: make lottery prizes not in dollar value, but in bitcoin equivalent. For example, a lottery prize of 50 bitcoins. I suggest making a holiday gift to the participants — not in bonuses, but in the form of old Mavro release. It will be much more efficient. Or pay a bonus in bitcoins.

At the moment we have no lottery and  in the near future we are not planning its implementation. But if there will be too many requests, we can return it :-)) And maybe with prizes in the form of Bitcoins.

Regarding the gift. We will not enter new bonuses until we pay all  bonuses in honor of the PRC founding. We are now focusing all our forces on this. And the fact that MMM is stable and we have foundation for a successful and stable work in the future — is a great gift for all of us. :-))

5. The number of multi accounts drives participants into a panic. Many requests have been removed by the system itself. Many participants simply do not understand what is happening. We do not understand such changes, and we don't like unexplained changes. The full payment of help was cancelled during 7 days. How to understand it? All participants are in anticipation of the upcoming holidays, holiday bonuses, but if there is no motivation before the holidays, then this will negatively affect the system stability. But if a bonus brings problems like the previous one, then it is better not to enter it.

Today multi-accounts are not a problem for MMM. If it was a problem before, now it is not. We actively deal with all scammers that are somehow harmful to the system, including creating multi-accounts. Why do you think that in MMM there are a lot of multi-accounts? This is absolutely not true. On the contrary, participants are honest and nobody even try to cheat. Everyone understand that we firmly suppress all  machinations :-))

What requests were exactly removed? Are you sure in the correctness of this information? If this is true, please contact us via feedback and we will solve your problem. Perhaps it was a programming error or you are confusing something. Maybe the participant was just blocked? We need more details to understand the problem.

We have already answered about bonuses in the previous question. While we focus on the solution of a technical failure with bonuses in honor of the PRC founding, a stable and efficient operation of MMM — the best bonus for all participants. The main thing is that the system is not in danger.

We will continue to work steadily, effectively and pay 30% per month. With such a stable operation no additional motivation is needed :-)) Everything is paid — that's the main motivation :-))

6. You need to have clear statistics of each account work. How this participant works, if it is not an active leader, then you need to cut his leadership bonus. The participants ceased to correctly understand the ideology of a selfless mutual help, they began to profit at the expense of the system. No one wants to change the world. This is a serious problem in the system. You need to clearly monitor and regulate bonuses and benefits. If you do not take action and not change the current situation, the system will come to an end.

We do not agree, no end will come to the system. And there are more ideological participants! We are continually working to extend the ideology to the masses: run contests, write articles in social networks and so on. We try harder to promote our ideology and more and more people follow it. Now there are more ideological participants than 2 months ago. So in this issue MMM only progresses.

Well, you also do not forget to help us and spread the ideology. Tell about it your  friends, family and attract newcomers, motivating them by the plans to change the world.

About the leaders’ work. Soon only those leaders who passed re-certification and who bring huge benefits to the system will get an increased leadership bonus. The problem with leadership has been almost already solved and all bonuses will be awarded only in justice! ;-))

And about the fact that "the participants ceased to correctly understand the ideology of selfless mutual help." Remember yourself when you were before joining MMM. And compare with a current one. Is there a difference? :-)) And where else do people send money to strangers selflessly, without any paperwork, guarantees and promises? Nowhere. Only in MMM. (Well, our clones don’t count :-))

We are changing the world, but it is not easy. The world, of course, doesn't want to change. It resists. :-))

7. Many participants opened their platform or take part in other projects. It is now a global system issue. MMM — a good system, but not perfect, as we expected. Make positive changes in the system, otherwise new members will not come to you, and the old ones will leave you.

In the end all these disloyal members will lose in these projects all money and will be asking to  MMM again. We know it. :-)) This is not a global system problem. This is a global problem of those who enter into such projects. They are collapsing one after another and deceive all  participants.

By the way, let’s see, which of these projects will survive after the New year. Just curious! :-)) Our prediction: no one.

MMM is not ideal. Nothing in the world is perfect. But MMM is better than others. And

this is the only fair system — a real Community of mutual help, which has no analogues and never will ;-)) All these "projects" and "platforms" are just our pathetic copies.

We regularly make positive changes and will continue to do so in the future. We have millions of loyal members and active newcomers are constantly joining us. Things in MMM now are just fine!

8. Take innovations very carefully. All bonuses must be thought out and really need to be paid, not just promises. Participants delete requests, as they are frightened of the unknown. Be careful.

Here you are! That's why we are skeptical about different proposals and innovations, if you noticed. That's why. Because the consequences of any innovations are not always calculable and often completely unexpected. There is a very good saying in this regard: the best is the enemy of the good. We always try to follow it. :-))We were careful before and will be because our priority is stability. Now we take any decisions very carefully, including about different bonuses. So don't worry ;-))

As for the removal of requests --  according to our internal statistics, these cases occur less and less. This is the result of a stable operation of the Community. Last month removals were 2 times more often, than now. And what kind of uncertainty are you talking about? Everything is known:

  1. Provide help, your money starts to grow by 30% per month.
  2. Get help.

All is simple :-))

9. What's going on? Why should we re-verify our leadership. We have been trained, added registration forms. What is happening with QQ accounts, were they hacked, what's going on and whether Nick knows? Participants in these chats are promoting other projects. Please clarify the situation!

If you have now been recertified and you receive a new invitation, please inform us in the feedback. You do not need to be recertified twice.

And do not react to the invitation to participate in other projects. For your own safety. You know what happens if you enter them. ;-)) There you will lose all your money, in MMM you will be blocked. Our rules prohibit to participate in other projects.

10. I offer: keep a seven-days payment. Fix the problem of requests before the New year, everyone is waiting for positivity and stability. Promote help in yuan, why is it much inferior to bitcoin in time? Solve the problem of multi-accounts.

Why should we return seven days? To increase the dynamics of MMM, now orders on the first control payment using Bitcoin will be formed within 24 hours. It's better than the period of 7 days.

This will increase the rate of formation of other PH and GH orders. Now the cycle provide-get help using Bitcoin will complete even faster! :-)) And this will have a positive impact on the entire work of MMM in general!

As for yuan and bitcoin, everything has been already said and discussed many times. To accelerate the speed of provide-get help using yuan — at least unwise. This means to jeopardize the stability for which we worked so hard. And especially to slow down the process of participation with bitcoin is bad for the system. No one will benefit from that. We are not going to change anything in order to continue a stable operation.

We have already said about multi-accounts today. We are successfully fighting against fraud, including creating multi-accounts — eradicating them from the system to work normally :-))

11. At the moment, prepayment time is too short. The participants simply do not have time to make a prepayment, the sudden innovations are negative. There is panic among the participants. The system needs stability. If do everything correctly, after the Chinese New Year the system will meet a wave of success. Then the system will become even more powerful!

24 hours only applies to transfers with Bitcoin. It takes just a few seconds, and you say that 24 hours are not enough?:-)) As soon as you sent Bitcoins, please, specify in the order chat the transaction number — this is enough to confirm your transfer. Thanks to  Blockchain, we will be able to track it without problems .

If you do not have time and your account is blocked, let us know in the feedback. Say that you just didn't have time. Then your account will be unlocked — you can create a new request and just transfer  Bitcoins to the recipient. So do not worry. We reduced the time interval to speed up the dynamics of the Community. To make the cycle provide-get help even faster.

And there is no panic absolutely. The system pays and all is well! :-)) We are developing the system and constantly getting stronger. We are sure that after the Chinese New year we will become much more powerful! ;-))

12. In honor of the New year feast — both European and Chinese — release us some old Mavro as a gift. And finally equalize bitcoin and yuan in terms of help.

We would love to release you all Old Mavro. Make everyone happy :-)) But, unfortunately, it's just impossible. If we do so, we simply cease to work stably and in the end the system can encounter a new restart. Now our priority is a long stable work!

So we're not going to change the pace of Old Mavro release. It is optimal and fully justified. In the end, all Old Mavro will be released, for each participant without exception. You just have to wait. We have repeated it a thousand times and repeat it again.

And as for equalizing bitcoin and yuan, we answered in the previous question. To speed up the process of helping with yuan is impossible, and especially to slow down the process when you use bitcoin is meaningless.

13. If you do not take action, soon MMM will disappear from China, why do some participants have problems with PH from August? This is a sure path to collapse. Participants go to other projects, for example in MMM Thailand. MMM China develops slower and slower. No one believes that the system will be able to get out and rebear. I hope that the administration will find ways out of this disastrous situation.

It's all just fiction :-)) You imagined these problems. We assure you, you don't need to worry. Now MMM is stable as never before. And now we are in no danger. The system feels great and we don't have any failure situations! :-))

And what problems with help from August are talking about? You mean a long waiting for the last order? All August orders  should have already come or will come within a few days, together with all accrued bonuses. And the amount is rather big ;-)) Or you can withdraw the Nominal value + 10%. If you don't want to wait. That's your business.

As for the members who go to other projects. All these members are being deceived in other projects. In the end, they having lost all  money go back to MMM. Now less people behave foolishly and leave MMM for other projects. Apparently, life gives a lesson :-))

About entering MMM Thailand, everything is simple. We do not allow citizens of other countries to participate in the structures of MMM. Chinese can not participate in MMM Thailand and Thai — in MMM China. We quickly find such participants and eventually block them everywhere. Because they broke the rules of both countries. In the end,  they are left with nothing.

And indeed, why to go somewhere from MMM China? This is now the most powerful and the most stable structure of our Community. So MMM will not disappear from China. We continue here to develop effectively and  operate stably!

14. I created a PH request on 6 September, but it's been more than 90 days, and it is still not fully formed. Is there a way to speed up the process? I trust the system, but it's at least unfair to me, as a loyal participant.

You don't need to worry, your last order will come in the next few days, and maybe even it has already come. :-)) Because you asked a question before we published this news. You will get all money together with the accumulated percentage. You can spend them on gifts or whatever you want. Here we are not advisers :-))

To speed up the process, participate with bitcoin cryptocurrency. There all is much faster. (But it's not because we give any preference to bitcoin rather than yuan. The reasons are purely technical.) Visit our section and learn how to participate with the cryptocurrency http://chinammm.la/bitcoin

Or you can withdraw the Nominal value + 10% if you need money urgently. But, you know, in your case it is better to wait. Considering how much bonuses ran up ;-)) However, it’s your business.

15. I love the system, but now I am dissatisfied with some moments in its work. I don't like that the promised holiday bonus was not paid. Bitcoin is much faster than yuan, why are you suppressing our national currency? Why do some participants expect completion of requests for several months? These issues undermine confidence in the system.

Thank you for your love to the system! :-)) Holiday bonus was paid to all participants that use Bitcoin. And has been already paid to 90% of the participants using bank. Soon all will be paid in full. All our forces are focused on the solution of the technical problem.

About yuan and a long waiting. We do not suppress yuan, as you say. :-)) We would be happy to give you the opportunity to complete the whole cycle much faster if it was possible. But this cannot be done not at the expense of our stable work. The reasons are purely technical, we have repeatedly explained.

Therefore, if we want to maintain stability, the cycle of provide-get help with the participation of bank cannot be accelerated. However, any participant, including you, can use Bitcoin. Waiting is almost unnecessary,  you can understand it without problems. Learn our section or contact our Bitcoin operators http://chinammm.la/bitcoin

16.  You need to make automatic an Mavro release for the following categories of participants: he provided help — you automatically release 10% of Old Mavro. Release Old Mavro for those participants who can not normally provide help for more than 90 days. Release 10%  for active participants, who develop the system and spread MMM ideology, even if they don't provide help. For participants who experienced three restarts and remained loyal to the system. You can release a certain amount of old Mavro as a gift for the New Year.

At the moment the pace of Old Mavro release — optimal. The current version is the best that can be. We consistently pay percentage on the current Mavro and actively release Old Mavro.

Besides all who provide help get 10% of the amount of provided help released in the form of Old Mavro. However, Old Mavro will be accrued only when PH Mavro are confirmed.

And in conclusion, please understand the main thing. Everything we do, we do solely in the interests of the System. For its successful development, its stability and security. No other reason here. That's the main thing.

And now — Letters of Happiness :-))



We continue to change the world by helping others. The Community of mutual MMM release all Old Mavro together with accrued percentage to the participants, who were in a difficult life situation. We believe that we are doing the right thing. And encourage you to help others whenever possible. Build a new fair world in which everyone will live happily ever after!

Participant 1 — [email protected]

“Hello to all members of the community MMM! I am an ordinary participant of MMM, I'm 牛豆豆. Since 9, 2015 I have been participating in the system. October 24, my husband suffered a myocardial infarction, and he needed surgery. My husband's treatment requires huge medical expenses. As a result, our family got into a difficult economic situation. Our last chance was to ask for help from the system.

We sent a request for extraordinary Mavro release and provided all evidence to the audit department and waited. Today — December 20 — the system has released all our old Mavro, the entire amount is 175,000 yuan. We did not expect such happiness. I just screamed from happiness. I sincerely thank Mr. Mavrodi for creating this wonderful system, thank you very much Mr. Nick, and all the staff for their hard work. Special thanks to the members who have helped to get back my old Mavro, thank you for the help. Let the system develop further!

And finally, I sincerely hope that MMM can grow and become better and better! I will tell my friends so that they also take an active part in the system MMM! Again thank system for your help!”

Video —

Participant 2 — [email protected]

“Hello to all participants of MMM! I'm a member from China,  I am very glad, because the system  released my Old Mavro on December, 18. I am very grateful to the system, its administration and my leader. November 22, 2015 I joined  MMM Community. 14 August 2016 my father was hit by a car and sustained very serious injuries, he was diagnosed — injuries of the cervical spine with complete paraplegia, he was hospitalized for more than two months, the disease must be under control.

The doctor said that the chances of recovery are very small. We are now in a very difficult situation, we spent a lot of money for treatment and hospitalization. Got into debt. I asked the system for help. Asked to release my old Mavro. And when I got all my old Mavro in the amount of 148,500, in that moment, I was incredibly touched and grateful. The System is like my family. I will always follow the ideology of the system. And together we will change the world! Thank you.”

Video —

Participant 3 — [email protected]

“Dear family MMM! Hi all. I am a member from Shenzhen, my name is 黄少泽. I have been taking part in the system for almost a year, and survived restarts. I've always believed in the system, though there were periods of restarts. My old Mavro has accumulated to nearly 100 000. After the surgery I need treatment and rehabilitation, and as I am an ordinary worker I don’t have that kind of money. I have always helped others, but now my life is completely lacking in color, since my mom got cancer.

Treatment requires big costs. But at the moment we have no finance. I have two children and I am a simple worker. When it became quite tight, I remembered about the system and asked for help. I spoke about the complexity of our situation. That helped me to get back my old Mavro. I provided all the evidence and hospital bills. Workers have tested them and came to the conclusion that I really deserve the extraordinary release. Thank to Mr. Mavrodi, that helped me to release my old Mavro. I am very grateful to the system for help. I will continue to promote the philosophy of the system. And to attract people to participate!”

Video —

Participant 4 — [email protected]

“Dear members of the community MMM. Hi all! I'm a member from Nanning. My nickname is nina. Today with much trepidation and excitement I wrote a letter to Mr. Mavrodi.

February 26, 2016 I became a member of the system. I agree with Mr. Mavrodi, we should help others, in order to change the world. Therefore the number of my provided help is up to several hundred thousand yuan. I have experienced with the system 2 restarts. October 14, my father  had a heart attack because of blockage of heart vessels and he just fell on the ground. Doctors determined the stroke. Many brain cells died and the remaining are in need of intensive therapy and rehabilitation.

My father is paralyzed, dementia is ahead. My family is not so rich, and medical expenses demanded more money. I am as a daughter must help my father, but I had nothing, I was in sorrow and anguish. Medical expenses we have encountered — too high for me. And then I remembered about Mr. Mavrodi and his concept of changing the world.

With the last hope I wrote to the support. I described all the difficulties. And today all my Mavro have been released, for a total amount of $ 140,556 yuan. I will use the money to treat my father, let him recover faster, stand on his feet again, be able to speak, thanks to released Mavro I can fulfill my duty as a daughter.

I am forever grateful to the system and Mr. Mavrodi for releasing my old Mavro, for kindness, love, generosity. We really need to glorify Mr. Mavrodi and our system. I will continue to participate actively in the system, to spread its ideology, to help more people in need. Let's work together to change the world.”

Video —

Thank you to every member of the Community MMM. But for you, these people would not have money for treatment. And now they found hope — thanks to you. By helping others, we are really changing the world!

And finally…



MMM — the most powerful Community in the world. We have all the tools to build a new fair financial system where everyone will live happily ever after. Each day we become stronger, and will definitely achieve all goals!

Participate in MMM, get 30% per month and build a fair world where everyone will live happily ever after. Attract newcomers, build your own structures and develop the system. Together we will achieve everything!

If you have any questions regarding MMM and suggestions on the system development, please send them to us. They will all be taken into account and referred to Sergey Mavrodi. Next week you will receive answers to them. Thank you for participating in the development of the Community!

And don't forget that we are hiring employees for the Call Center. If you want to join our team as an employee of the call center, complete the form on the page http://chinammm.la/call-center. We are waiting for you!:-))

Happy and Bright New Year! You are super!

In the modern world justice, kindness and honesty are not a myth or a fantasy anymore — MMM has made them real! Join our forces — TOGETHER we can change the world!!! Long Live MMM! Long Live Sergey Mavrodi!!!